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Questions to ask when interviewing Surrogacy Agencies for the Intended Parent

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Surrogacy Questions

A blog by Emily Field, June 22, 2016

When my husband and I were interviewing surrogacy agencies, we really had no idea which questions we should be asking. Surrogacy is an intense, expensive, emotional journey and we want all Intended Parents to feel as informed as possible about the process. We put together a questionnaire that we hope will be helpful to you. By thinking about these questions and asking these questions you will learn a lot about surrogacy and you will be better equipped to choose the right surrogacy agency for you.

Our questionnaire covers the following topics, and listed under each topic are a few of our main questions.

Questions to ask yourself before you start interviewing

  1. Do you have embryos made yet? Are the PGD/PGS tested?

  2. How involved do you want to be during the pregnancy? Attend all appointments? Attend the main appointments? Want little involvement?

Questions to ask yourself after the interview

  1. Do you feel comfortable with how the agency recruits and screens their surrogates and their surrogates’ partners?

  2. How confident do you feel in their abilities to handle a challenge should it come up?

Agency Questions

  1. How many surrogate arrangements has the agency facilitated over the last year? Over the last 2 years?

  2. What support services does the agency provide to the surrogate throughout?

Surrogate Recruiting and Screening Questions

  1. What is the agency’s criteria for surrogates? Must haves? Disqualifications?

  2. What screenings and checks does the agency do on the surrogate and the surrogate's partner/husband?

Surrogate Matching Questions

  1. How long does it take to get matched?

  2. How many surrogate profiles do I get to see?

  3. Do I choose the surrogate first? Or does she choose us first?

Money Questions

  1. What are the total fees/average costs?

  2. What is not included in this that we still need to pay for (e.g. medical, legal)?

  3. Is the money intended for the surrogate held in escrow?

Legal and Insurance Questions

  1. How does health insurance work?

  2. What is the life insurance policy that is taken out on the surrogate?

  3. What are the legal contracts?

You can request the complete questionnaire for FREE. Go to and fill in your Name, Email and in the message section write “questionnaire”.

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