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Worth the Wait

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a blog by Melinda Davis, September 19,2013

This Saturday we will be celebrating my daughter’s first birthday. Just typing that sentence alone blows me away, and brings so much joy to my heart. My daughter is truly a miracle, a medical marvel, and it still amazes me that she’s really here and all mine to love, care for, and treasure.

The journey to meeting my daughter was not easy, and lasted nearly 5 years. Broken down that could be calculated as 59 months... 255 weeks, 1,787 days, 42,888 hours, 2,573,280 minutes or 154,407,600 seconds of waiting, hoping, and praying. The struggle to become her mom seemed to last a lifetime. I longed to be her mom, knew I was meant to be her mom, and couldn’t understand why God was holding out on me. It wasn’t until she arrived that I could see more clearly that God knew what He was doing all along.

I always hated when people would tell me that when the time was right it would happen, and that God’s timetable was best, but now that I’m on the other side I continue to discover reasons how my time wasn’t right, and His was truly perfect. There were so many moments of uncertainty and anguish, but now that she’s here I know one thing for sure...she was worth the wait.

Being her mom has surpassed my wildest dreams. Although not every day is sunshine and rainbows, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t love or treasure her. Being her mom is my calling, and joy. I love to watch her as she conquers a new milestone or experiences something new. My heart overflows when I see her playing with her daddy. And there’s nothing better than hearing her silly giggles, her sweet voice calling me mama, or getting an unprompted hug as she snuggles in close.

It’s amazing to see how much she’s grown over this last year. What was once a helpless newborn is now an active, hilarious, independent, and sweet as can be little girl. She stole my husband and I’s hearts at the first sonogram, wrapped us around her little finger when she was born, and has brought more joy and laughter to our lives than ever before. She is our daughter, a blessing, a miracle, and the greatest treasure of our lives. I am so proud of her, and can’t wait to see what God has planned for her as she grows into the girl and woman He created her to be.


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I am somewhat in awe of the comment above mine. Why should you apologize if you believe everything is in His timing? If you don't believe that, then that is your right, but to bash someone else for excitement? I just don't get that. I have been trying for almost 9 years and we have one year left and I am glad that I am not at a point to berate someone else for their joy.

I think it's easy to say "god's plan" was right all along, now that your plan has a happy ending -- but I don't think you should be praising it all here where soo many of us haven't had the pot of gold yet. We're still in the trenches and "his timeline" might never include the reward. The true "everything happens for a reason" people usually don't support fertility treatment at all, so I really don't get your post. God wanted you to struggle and wait the 154M seconds -- and now that you did, you're happy about it. What if he wanted you to wait 300M seconds? 600 seconds? forever? I'm glad HIS timeline was perfect for you. Really I am. But c'mon. Gushing isnt' really helpful to others.

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