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Huntington Reproductive Center sets the standard in providing the latest state of the art science to ensure couples conceive a healthy baby. Couples with repeat miscarriages, previously failed fertility treatments or a family history of chromosomal abnormalities can benefit from our advanced genetic screening.


a blog by Jane Frederick, M.D., HRC Fertility, March 26, 2015

I have treated thousands of people trying to conceive and I can say that stress won’t affect the results of your treatments or hinder your success but it can make you feel worse and cause unnecessary emotional stress. I have found through the years that many of my patients feel they must do certain things that bring about stress including attend baby showers or go to lunch with pregnant friends. I can tell you that it is important while going through infertility to attempt to limit exposure to things that cause you to feel sad or hopeless.

a blog by Jane Frederick, M.D., HRC Fertility, December 29, 2014

As we move into 2015 and celebrities become more public about their baby desires, we are seeing younger celebrities talking about IVF even if they may not need it. IVF is not a publicity stunt for the majority of the 6 million couples who suffer from infertility and it’s important to get a clear message out to women who may feel like giving up – the majority of women/couples who pursue alternative family building techniques like IVF, do have a child.

a blog by Jane Frederick, M.D., HRC Fertility, September 25, 2014

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects a woman’s menstrual cycle, fertility, hormones, insulin production, circulatory system, and appearance. Women have both male and female hormones, but women who have PCOS have higher levels of male hormones and experience irregular or absent menstrual cycles and small cysts on their ovaries. It is estimated that 5 to 10% of women who are of child bearing age have PCOS.


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