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My wife JK and I went through a 2 1/2-year odyssey of infertility.

To the Wannabe Dads, I promise a road map of everything I ever learned or experienced that can help you survive. I was lucky enough to find friends that helped me cope. Maybe I can do the same for you. I'm desperate to find the male readers, so I may sacrifice myself on the altar of humility from time to time. And hey, I'm a guy! Naturally I'll write something guys understand.

To the Wannabe Moms, I know that learning the male perspective can help you, too! I just happen to speak fluent guy and fluent English.

To all of you, I know that your stories will eventually shape this blog. Please share them.

My wife and I finally reached the other side and welcomed twins, a boy and a girl, in December of 2010. They have an adorable older brother named Luke the Dog — a sweet, over-exuberant, shedding machine.

Desire a little more of Alec's dorky infertility perspective? He chronicles his and JK's infertility story in the blog, I Want to be a Daddy.


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a blog by Alec, September 15, 2011


a blog by Alec, August 25, 2011

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a blog by Alec, August 18, 2011

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We were vacationing this past week, seeing JK’s family. I took a day and drove to the Coushatta Casino in Louisiana. You might recall I play poker. I entered the Coushatta’s tournament on this visit.

Why would the Infertility Guy want to tell poker stories on FertilityAuthority? Life is full of metaphors, if we are keen-sighted enough to spot them. You will sometimes hear poker players say it, “A chip and a chair,” meaning if they are still alive, if they have just one chip, they can still win.

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a blog by Alec, August 2, 2011

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In my life, it seems that there have been difficult passages. I began life with a life-threatening aspiration. After, doctors wondered if my brain function would be affected. Yes, it’s true. From the start, easy has not been my style.

I often try to find the humor in harsh circumstances. I believe it to be a survival skill. Perhaps it’s just irreverence. Why deny the obvious? I AM irreverent.

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a blog by Alec, July 26, 2011

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An infertile couple was kind enough to tell me this story about baby-making sex. Per my promise to respect anonymity, you’ll have the initials of the storytellers.

As it was relayed to me: