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The Infertility Guy

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My wife JK and I went through a 2 1/2-year odyssey of infertility.

To the Wannabe Dads, I promise a road map of everything I ever learned or experienced that can help you survive. I was lucky enough to find friends that helped me cope. Maybe I can do the same for you. I'm desperate to find the male readers, so I may sacrifice myself on the altar of humility from time to time. And hey, I'm a guy! Naturally I'll write something guys understand.

To the Wannabe Moms, I know that learning the male perspective can help you, too! I just happen to speak fluent guy and fluent English.

To all of you, I know that your stories will eventually shape this blog. Please share them.

My wife and I finally reached the other side and welcomed twins, a boy and a girl, in December of 2010. They have an adorable older brother named Luke the Dog — a sweet, over-exuberant, shedding machine.

Desire a little more of Alec's dorky infertility perspective? He chronicles his and JK's infertility story in the blog, I Want to be a Daddy.


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a blog by Alec, March 2, 2011

Hello Wannabe Dads (and Wannabe Moms, too!). Welcome to the brand-new blog: The Infertility Guy.

I'm a dork with a sponge-like mind for useless information. Pop culture, sports trivia, history, mythology. I love golf, and my closest friends and family have heard the story of my hole-in-one 101 times. I love poker, too, and my poor loved ones have heard the story about my tournament win at Binions in Las Vegas so often they could puke on it. I once picked the entire Final Four perfectly in an NCAA tourney pool. Naturally I won the pool. The pool operator stiffed me.

That's me. Then infertility comes and shapes a fellow anew. Now I'm the same but different. A wiser dork.