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Alphabet Soup, Fertility Flavor

I'd rather not be here fighting infertility, but since I am, I'm trying to make the best of it.

I'm Jenny. I'm a journalist who was taught to steer clear of writing with too many abbreviations as no one loves alphabet soup that much. Thanks to PCOS, my life is now bombarded with the endless abbreviations relating to infertility. I now laugh at that warning and would much rather use the abbreviations to talk about infertility. It's an exhausting battle, and I'm going to take any short cuts available to me.

I write about my journey to conceive to make sure I'm doing my part to let fellow warriors know they aren't alone. I write about my journey to conceive to make sure I'm doing my part to break down the barrier between Us, the Infertile … Turtles?, and them, the Fertile Myrtles.

Most importantly, I write about my journey to conceive to share with my future children how much they so owe me for the hell I went through just for them.

You can also follow me at What the Blog?, where I write about books, food and general life as a normal 27-year-old who just so happens to have PCOS.



a blog by jennandtonica, June 30, 2010

Starting the battle with infertility is terrifying. Infertility treatments can be some of the most emotionally draining, fearsome things to go through. The scariest thing I've experienced in my experience with infertility, though, is the very thing we infertiles wish for the most: pregnancy.

I had to skip treatments during my first cycle after we started seeing the reproductive endocrinologist, but my first treatment cycle "ended" with a Big Fat Positive (Web-savvy TTCers call this a "BFP").

I was terrified! It seemed so soon and too good to be true - certainly we couldn't be one of the lucky couples to bat our eyes at an RE and walk away pregnant.

We weren't. That first pregnancy stuck with me only a few days after the tests - both urine and blood - had confirmed it. Devastated, we went back to the drawing board.