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Jenny Roo is a 31 year old writer who lives in Los Angeles with her husband and a rogue gang of furry lawn destroyers. (Sidenote: in the above picture she is the lady on the left, though if challenged could probably grow chin hair to rival the fellow on the right).

Jenny has actively been trying to make a human for four years, and flirting with the idea from across the room for almost seven. Her procreating shenanigans have included PCOS (see aforementioned chin hair), a touch of the ole' endometriosis, anovulation, approximately 90,000 rounds of Clomid and one failed IVF cycle (with poor fertilization due to a surprise missing protein, just for a little extra razzle dazzle). Apparently God, much like Jenny, has a twisted sense of humor. IVF #2, the super sci-fi edition, is coming August 2013.

When she is not writing about her personal experiences with infertility on Fertility Authority, she is blogging at Stupid Stork, which is equal parts the adventures of her uterus and the ramblings of a mad woman.


No Smoking

a blog by Jenny Roo November 15, 2013
I will admit it. I really, really love cigarettes. I'm using a very strong word here with no hint of exaggeration: LOVE. I love them. Love smoking. I love them driving, I love them after a meal, I love them on a train or in a box. I love the the instant relaxation that goes through my body when I hear the lighter catch, I love the gesturing device, I love that my day is partially divided up into divine little 7 minute breaks. Like meditating only more thoroughly awesome.


a blog by Jenny Roo August 26, 2013

Earlier this month, here in the lovely state of California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed legislation that would have allowed women to be compensated for selling their eggs for medical research. We here in California pride ourselves on being a progressive state - we buy organic meat, some of our cities official banners are quite literally rainbow flags, and pot is practically available in vending machines. For the most part, regressive is a bad word here. Now, thanks to Governor Brown and bill opposers, we are one of only three states in the United States to ban women from selling their eggs for medical research - the other two being South Dakota and Massachusetts.

Let me state clearly, when it comes to issues like this I fully believe we should be having open, intelligent conversations and that everyone has a right to their own opinion and concerns. By all means, consider the ethics involved in any issue brought to the state. That being said, let me state my opinion and the opinion of a lot of women - I don't know what it is about the last few years where suddenly women aren't trusted to make their own damn decisions. It's like an infestation of chain-smoking Mad Men arriving from the 1950s like a colony of unstoppable cockroaches.

Infertility website

a blog by Jenny Roo August 19, 2013

Let's just say right off the bat here that I am not a type A personality. At any given moment during the day you are likely to find me in some sort of haphazard hair-do, with ninety gajillion tabs and documents open on my desktop and, inevitably, a dog eating something that it shouldn't be eating in the background (apparently all of my sponges have to die). Let me also just say off the bat, I think we can agree here that dealing with infertility is partly an organizational game of keeping on top of your own treatment.

Combine my lack of organizational skills and PCOS, and asking me when my last period is the equivalent of asking me to list all of the meals I've had that have included artichokes. My eyes roll back into my head like I'm about to have some sort of fit, and I find myself trying to picture what the weather was like, what haircut I had and/or who was president. So in theory, for anyone coming up with a Fertility App or Organizer, I am the target.

Fertility magnifying glass

a blog by Jenny Roo July 6, 2013

I hate acronyms. There, I said it. Judge if ye must.

For example, I can think of only one good reason for using the term "LMAO". If you had, in fact, laughed your ass off, and whilst en route to the hospital to have it reattached, you had to hold said toosh to your body with your good hand and were therefor only able to keep me abreast of the situation with your less skilled typing hand.

Suffice it to say, when I started looking for information online in regards to trying to conceive, though the information was awesome, the use of acronyms made me want to burst into flames.

baby and rubber duck

a blog by Jenny Roo, June 22, 2013

It has been named. And by 'it' I either mean one of the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse or the offspring of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West - but let's face it, I probably mean both.

They named their daughter North. As in North West.


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