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Finding an Asian Egg Donor

a blog by Jennifer A. Redmond, April 5, 2014

Several years ago, a good friend decided to move ahead with egg donation after much soul searching. She asked for my help. She is Chinese, her husband Caucasian, and they really didn’t know where to get started - how to seek out a Chinese egg donor whose ethnicity was the same as hers. At the time, finding an Asian egg donor wasn’t easy, and as a result many available donors were commanding a high fee. Today, many donor egg agencies and fertility clinics advertise their availability of Asian donors and specifically recruit them. Once you get over the hurdle of accepting that you’ll need an egg donor to have a baby, it’s gotten easier to find one who matches your ethnicity requirements.

According to Dr. James Lin, founder of Reproductive Fertility Center in California, in the past 10 years he has noticed a small increase in the compensation that an Asian donor requests as a first time donor -- around 10 to 15 percent. However, the compensation is still within the ethical guidelines for donor compensation recommended by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

That’s an important point.

“There are always going to be donors who ask for compensation above what the ASRM guidelines recommend,” Lin says. “But our clinic abides by the guidelines, so compensation for our Asian donors is not higher than compensation for donors of other ethnicities. Clinics and agencies should abide by these guidelines, for they serve important purposes including not inducing a donor to donate if it were not for an outrageously high amount of donor compensation.”

Costs for using egg donation can range from $15,000 to $25,000. Egg donation costs include the donor’s cycle, fertility drugs for the both the donor and intended mother, and the donor's fee.

Even though there are more choices now than when my friend was looking for a donor, it’s still difficult to know how to get started. You can choose a fresh donor cycle, or use frozen donor eggs. If you’re working with a fertility clinic’s donor program, Dr. Lin suggests choosing one that has a dedicated coordinator specifically for donor egg IVF cycles, because they require experience and knowledge to ensure a smooth process. If you’re working with an agency, Dr. Lin suggests you check to see if they provide a free rematch if the cycle is unsuccessful. And if there is a rematch, is there likelihood that you can find another donor you like from their database?

If you’re interested in learning more about donor egg IVF in Los Angeles, or to schedule an appointment with a fertility clinic, contact a Patient Care Advocate at 855-955-2229.


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