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Free Fertility Yoga For CNY Fertility Clinic Patients

a blog by Julie Monacelli, October 30, 2013

Yoga is a holistic practice of physical poses to align the mind, body and spirit. The majority of the types of yoga are concerned with the mental and spiritual aspect of the practice more than the physical activity. Each individual that chooses yoga can reap the benefits of flexibility and strength. Yoga is non-competitive, and all that practice it are equal regardless of experience or ability. Classes typically taught at a gym may be focused on the physical benefits, while those taught in connection with a fertility clinic will devote their efforts to the relief of stress and increased blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Fertility yoga is gentle, with a focus on deep relaxation, visualization, breathing exercises and gentle movements that will strengthen your body. It is a restorative practice to balance the body. Fertility yoga can stimulate the reproductive tract and improve hormone levels. Infertility patients often find a great support network in their fellow practitioners while simultaneously learning valuable coping skills that will carry them on and off the yoga mat.

Dr. Robert Kiltz, a fertility doctor in Central New York, currently offers free fertility yoga for his patients trying to conceive at each of their in house Healing Arts Centers. Classes are taught in Rochester, Syracuse and Albany and provide all of the needed equipment for success. Due to the popularity of this benefit, the Fertility Spa requests you pre-register to guarantee your space. Additional classes include Hot House Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga with Hot Tub Immersion and Prenatal Yoga. The latter classes are offered at a either a drop-in rate, multi-session pass or an unlimited session class pass. Gift certificates are also available.


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