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If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say...

a blog by Julie Monacelli, November 6, 2013

It’s National Adoption Month, and on just about every news outlet you can find stories about families being created through adoption. Stories of “gotchya days” when parents first laid eyes on their children are accompanied by pictures of very happy families. Many times the parents travelled long hours to countries that they had never been to before to bring home their child. This was only possible after months of scrutiny by social workers and foreign officials of their financial, physical and mental health. Except for the infertiles that put themselves through countless medical procedures, adoption is arguably much more difficult than any “normal” pregnancy.

Why is it that following the beautiful articles of adopted children there are always the haters that want to spew their own agenda on everyone? Tonight, I read several articles about children adopted from foreign countries, children adopted to gay or lesbian parents, children that were the 10th or more to be brought into a family by adoption and inter-racial adoptions. Every single article had comments from the peanut gallery about how this was not “Gods will,” that homosexual parents weren’t supposed to parent or how the family should have adopted domestically rather than international adoption. It made me sick. How many of those people were adoptive parents themselves? How many of them have pictures of themselves on the mantle of their first day with their new child beaming with pride because they were chosen from the 153,000,000 orphans worldwide? I’m going to bet none.

Happy Adoption Month to ALL of you that have adopted, are trying to adopt or are even considering it. The world is a much better place because of you.

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