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Don't Cook Your Balls?

a blog by Julie Monacelli, November 25, 2013

Men were largely left out of the fertility app market until recently, but now men have a fertility tracker too, called Trak Fertility. The starter kit comes with an engine, 6 disposable test cartridges, collection cups and a guide to mens reproductive health called "Don't Cook Your Balls." After obtaining a baseline reading, you can keep a record of your efforts to improve your health and the corresponding changes in your sperm count.

Since men contribute to 50% of fertility issues and sperm counts can be significantly improved through both lifestyle and medical interventions, this is an important tool for men! Trak is a platform that allows you to monitor the effect of various activities you are doing to boost sperm count. As your diet, lifestyle, supplements or medications change there is a real time, trending data that will encourage you to continue your efforts.

1 out of 5 men have a low sperm count. Azoospermia, low or no sperm in the ejaculate, is sometimes treated with fertility medication while varicoceles are most often treated surgically. According to Trak stress, heat, obesity and toxins are the easiest way to control your fertility. Are you interested in participating in an upcoming user study to try Trak for free? Go to their website to see if you will be part of their study Trak Fertility Signup.

PLEASE TELL US HOW THIS WORKS FOR YOU!!! Go to the Male Reproductive Health Forum and let others know how you liked the product.

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