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Please Share #Someonelikeme On Social Media

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a blog by Julie Monacelli, December 1, 2013

Durex, the maker of condoms, is running the ‘One Share One Condom’ campaign in support of World AIDS Day, Decemeber 1, 2013. Their hope is to donate 10 million condoms to HIV and AIDS projects around the world through the digital media with our help. All you need to do is use #Someonelikeme on your social media, and for every use of the hashtag Durex will donate 1 condom to a charity working to end the transmission of HIV around the world.

Durex and MTV have partnered to launch ‘Someone Like Me,’ a global sex education campaign. The social platform will include the world’s largest peer hub generated by young people for young people. It will include videos of people around the world and their view on sex, their stories and candid conversation about formerly taboo subjects.

Please help the cause by sharing the hashtag on your own social media. In places like India, where conversation about sex is taboo, the free condom could save the life of someone.

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