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America's Next Top Egg, Egg Agents Recruiting

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a blog by Julie Monacelli, December 4, 2013

“Egg agents” are now recruiting for America’s next top egg. For women that cannot conceive with their own eggs, either due to medical concerns or age, the option of using donor eggs has become widely available. Traditionally, egg donors are recruited and screened by egg banks or fertility clinics and prospective clients review profiles completed by the donor on their family history, likes/dislikes, medical condition and some personality questions to choose a donor they feel most comfortable with.

Some clinics even select a donor for their client when they feel one meets the basic needs of the client. Egg agents take this to a new level by scouring the world looking for a donor to fit a very narrow list of specifications set forth by their client. If the recipient says their perfect donor should be over 5’6” with blue eyes and love of tennis, reading and a foreign language that’s exactly what the “egg agent” will look for. Many times the agent will place an ad on Craigslist, local newspapers or other social media.

With this advertising, they have had an increase in the number of donors that are actresses and models with flawless skin and a gorgeous body. Both of those career paths may have sporadic daily income, which allows egg donation to fill in where the steady income leaves off. These donors may make between $8000-$10000 on their first donation, and the fee can increase based on success of previous cycles.

Is it ethical to recruit women based on looks? Is it ethical to advertise for eggs? Do you think the women understand the risks involved with egg donation when they are being compensated well? Would you donate eggs for the financial incentive? Would you pick a donor that has been recruited through a public forum or would you need to know the woman was completely altruistic in her donation?

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