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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

a blog by Katie O'Connor, December 5, 2013

You're alive. Do something. Don't just talk about it, go out there and do it. Don't just meditate about it, go out there and create it. Don't just pray about it go out there and take action; participate in the answering of your own prayer. If you want change, get out there and live it.

I love this quote. Too often when you go through infertility (or any hard stretch in life), we put everything on hold. We literally stop living. It’s hard in the beginning to not feel like this. It’s something you want so badly, all you can think about, it starts to consume you. You worry about what you should be eating, should you be working out, should you enjoy that one cup of coffee or one glass of wine.

I felt lost in the process in the beginning of my fertility journey. But then something changed, I decided I was going to take control of what I could control. I was going to use this hard time I was going through to dig deep and search from within for what I really wanted to do in life, who I wanted to be.

I love giving back. When I have had an experience that has changed my life, I love to share that with others.

We adopted our cats, and I was drawn to volunteer at the homeless pet shelter. After I had run my first marathon, I was eager to help other first-timers cross the finish line. And after going through infertility, I was passionate about helping others realize it’s not the end it’s a journey; a journey that will have twists and turns and bumps in the road, but no matter where the path leads you, if you dream to be a mom, you will be a mom one day.

Infertility can hold you prisoner in your own body, I challenge you to break free.

I challenge you to look infertility in the face and say “you will not break me, you will make me stronger.”

Remember if you want something badly enough, and are determined, and positive (at least on most days), it will happen. It may not be the way you dreamed, but it will happen!


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