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Surrogacy Should Not Be Banned

a blog by LaShaundra Seale, June 25, 2014

As technology progresses, it's supposed to make our lives easier and better. FaceTime gives us face-to-face contact with loved ones miles away. Paypal allows us to send money from our smartphone in a nanosecond. IVF and surrogacy make it possible for infertile or same sex couples to parent. Of course as time goes on, bigger, faster and better inventions are being created. So why do some people insist on keeping society in the dark ages? I mention this because some groups want to ban the use of surrogates.

I personally have not used a surrogate. I have gone through one cycle of IVF and several IUI cycles. Even though the IVF and IUIs were unsuccessful, I'm glad we had the chance to try both. We would have used a surrogate if we could have afforded it. I feel surrogacy is a wonderful solution for infertile or same-sex couples who can afford to use a surrogate or gestational carrier.

The fact that people want to ban surrogacy is beyond my comprehension. Yes, every industry, including the surrogacy industry, should be regulated. I'm all for order and rules, but to ban this wonderful scientific creation, would not only be a set back for those experiencing infertility, it would be a set back for society as a whole. Also, until you or someone close to you has needed to utilize a service, you shouldn't judge that service.

What are your thoughts on surrogacy regulation?

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