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Your Path to Fertility

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My blog, Your Path to Fertility, is based on my years of experience, as a patient, patient advocate, educator and Founder of Fertile Yoga. With a sense of humor, compassion and strong appreciation for irony, I write about how fertility challenges affect our every day lives. Be prepared to giggle, sigh, think, enjoy and more. I ask more questions than I answer and am most open to your answers and questions. You can also find me blogging on RMA of Connecticut's site here: Path to Fertility.


a blog by Lisa Rosenthal, October 15, 2015

One in four.

So in a room of eight women, there are two of us.

a blog by Lisa Rosenthal, June 5, 2013

Privacy and secrecy.

That was the topic of conversation on Facebook yesterday. At least in my circle of “friends”.

It permeates a lot of conversations these days.

In Ladies Night In and Fertile Yoga, we talk about it at length. Infertility is a secret that weighs heavily.

Is it no longer a secret if one other person knows?

A secret can be a burden, feeling as heavy as a load of large stones on our backs. Carrying around that load is exhausting; resisting the temptation to put it down is almost overwhelming. Is that when we tell someone, when it becomes too much? Who do we tell? What do we say? Do we say it all? Do we just hint at it? Do we blurt it all out, flinging our words wildly?

a blog by Lisa Rosenthal, October 9, 2012

I deserved a baby.
I did.
I had done all the right things, a few (ok, quite a few) wrong things.
But mainly, I had done enough of the right things, at the right time, in the right way.
I deserved a baby.
I was young. Healthy. Strong and fit. Even married. I was ready.
I deserved a baby.

a blog by Lisa Rosenthal, October 2, 2012

I love getting my period.

Let me say that again.

I love getting my period.

I love seeing the actual, physical evidence of my endometrial lining shedding. I love the discomfort and even the annoyance of having to manage the flow. Yes, I know there may be more thrilling things in life than menstruating. But maybe not when you’re trying to have a baby. And even that sounds backwards, doesn’t it? Why would I want to get my period if I want a baby? Wouldn’t I want to NOT get my period?


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