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A Positive EGGsperience

Lori Butler is an entrepreneur and health care marketing specialist, focusing on holistic care for women. She began her career in pharmaceuticals, selling in the female health arena. She later joined Fertility Centers of Illinois, where she spent 10 years working as a marketing innovator.

Lori has also endured fertility challenges of her own, including secondary infertility, an ectopic pregnancy, and a surrogacy journey.

Currently, as CEO for CANduit Communications, Lori facilitates collaborative care between traditional Western medical physicians, and Eastern healing practitioners.

In her charitable endeavors, Lori is a passionate advocate for children suffering from rare disease. She is affiliated with the Children's Rare Disease Network, and the Batten Disease Support & Research Association.

Lori believes in the power of positivity, and enjoys motivating others to embrace optimism to improve their health, and their overall quality of life.


a blog by Lori Butler, December 14, 2011

Have you heard Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) referred to as “Cook Book Medicine?" This suggests that there might be a fertility recipe for a successful pregnancy. Perhaps it would look like this:


1 Egg
1 Sperm

What You Will Need

Petri Dish
Oven heated to 98.7 degrees Fahrenheit

a blog by Lori Butler, December 5, 2011

Many of my early childhood memories are of preparing family meals in the kitchen.

I remember the excitement of donning an apron and opening the big spiral-bound cookbook with my mother. Anticipation and an atmosphere of togetherness filled the air as we followed the directions and measured the ingredients.

One of my mother’s favorite expressions was “a watched pot never boils.” I could not, however, fully comprehend the meaning of this mantra until I craved a “bun in my own oven."

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