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a blog by Madison Rae, February 13, 2013

I am back to the place I thought or maybe more so hoped, I wouldn’t have to visit again.

Last year began 12 months of trying to wean off of a medicine and preparing for fully trying again. I had worked out a plan with my team of doctors that would hopefully allow us to try without undergoing another surgery, if at all possible. These last few weeks have unfortunately unfolded into a mess that will take that option off the table.

My last surgery for endometriosis was almost eight years ago. I was able to make it for about two years before the all too familiar twinges of pain began to revisit me with every period. The few days before I was scheduled to start would leave me tense and depressed, scared for how severe this month’s would be. And dealing with guilt that it was “just cramps” Never wanting to explain or have to discuss with someone what I was feeling.

I had been told that our chances of naturally becoming pregnant were slim and out of nowhere I suffered a miscarriage. They blamed it on a large fibroid and I was given an action plan and birth control in the belief that surgery was a last resort in order to once again become pregnant now that it was obvious that I was able to on my own.

Over the next few years I had multiple cysts rupture and for the most part, I just took pain medicine and accepted them as part of my period. Until I ignored them one month and I hemorrhaged and had to be hospitalized for blood loss. Afterwards, we decided to switch specialists and head to Duke so all of my doctors would be in one system.

My meeting with this new doctor was one of the more positives I had experienced in a few years. When surgery for my endometriosis came up, a few different courses of action were discussed. Surgery was originally listed as a last option because of concerns that a 4th surgery would cause me to have even more scar tissue than I had already developed from the previous three.

He put me on a gluten free diet, I was given a pain management plan and we seemed to be going on the right road. Another appt to check the possibility of blockages in my ovaries produced nothing but great news…apparently I have ‘young ovaries’; and I thought it was just eye creams I needed to be worried about purchasing;)

Going forward with our plans, I held nothing but excitement until the pain that I was used to became more debilitating than usual. Each period was met with vomiting for a full two days and pain so severe that I could not even move from my couch. But the choice to have surgery was finally decided after two months when I was first diagnosed with food poisoning and then two months later norovirus…. it ended up the symptoms were both followed by cysts that ruptured and the doctor believes that the endo is too severe to evade the surgery any longer. He is not positive that was what caused the two episodes, but he believes they could very well be connected.

I am hoping that this is the time it works. We will be ready to try the second the doctor gives us the go ahead. But at this point I have to be honest, I have yearned for a baby for almost ten years. We have tried for almost eight…this decision came down to pain. I can no longer pretend that I can bear it and I am slightly nervous that the scar tissue may hurt our chances, but sometimes we just have to make choices that are not the ones we want, but the ones that are in our best interest.


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