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Behind the Counter

Much like daily life in the pharmacy, “Behind the Counter” will be a collaborative effort by all Mandell’s Pharmacy staff members, touched by infertility, wanting to provide support and objective educational content. Each perspective will come directly from the staff members, so readers get a true feel for and understanding of each key role in the pharmacy. The team at Mandell’s is excited to share the principles and processes of fertility specialty pharmacy!


a blog by Eric Gerstner, Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy, May 31, 2013

Treating infertility is a group effort. After a few visits to a fertility center, most patients recognize the collaboration that goes on within the doctors’ office. Doctors, nurses, treatment coordinators, embryologists, andrologists, ultrasound technicians and financial counselors all work together to maximize each patient’s opportunity for success. While each patient has control over her treatment pathway, most find it helpful to rely on the knowledge and experience of the treatment team.

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