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Does My Husband Even Care If We Ever Have Kids?

a blog by Marc Sedaka, January 14, 2014

As much as I appreciate my husband not being as “crazy” as I am about our infertility struggles, I sometimes wonder if he doesn’t care if we ever have kids or not. Am I just being paranoid?

During our own seven year struggle with infertility, my wife often accused me of the same thing. And while this certainly wasn’t the case, I admittedly didn’t show the same level of urgency to have kids that she did. A lot of this was denial to be sure, but a lot could also be attributed to some basic biological and environmental differences between men and women. You see, most of us guys didn’t have a collection of baby dolls growing up. We didn’t play house, or imagine how many kids we’d have some day and what their eventual names, sexes and age differences would be. Sure we wanted to play ball with our sons before we were too old, but that’s about as far as our pea-sized brains tended to go on the issue. At its most basic level, I wanted kids but my wife needed kids. So before you start assuming that your man doesn’t care, understand that we just have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to anything “children”.

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