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Does A Semen Analysis Compare to Female Fertility Tests?

a blog by Marc Sedaka, January 28, 2014

At our last doctors appointment, my husband had the nerve to compare his simple sperm donation to all of the painful and invasive tests I go through on a regular basis. Is this really fair?

Okay fine, we’re not the ones who have to be probed, prodded and poked. We don’t take the hormone-altering drugs and we don’t get the painful shots. But when we do complain about something like… oh, let’s say having to masturbate in a sterile cup while a waiting room full of people know exactly what we’re doing on the other side of that hollow door… please don’t just laugh it off or accuse us of having a good time. We’re not having a good time. I can pretty much guarantee you that. And just remember that the more empathetic you are to your husbands concerns (however unfounded they may seem at the time) the more empathetic he’ll be to your concerns throughout your entire infertility journey.

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While I realize that this scenario will be a bit different, the answer is no! Firtsly, my husband can provide his sample from the comfort of our home. I can even give him a 'hand' should he need or want one. There is no physical poking, prodding or othwise uncomfortable physical trauma his body must endure. I would agreed though that the psychological aspects are similar. Thoughts of ' I'm not a man' 'my wife won't look at me the same'. He even told me that he thought I would leave him if the problem was him! Which is a thoroughly crazy notion btw. So while my gut screams no on the physical side, I have to say the emotional is the same. I feel like a broken woman and he would feel like a broken man.

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