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Egg Donation 101

Marna Gatlin is a true Pacific Northwest Girl! Having lived in other parts of the United States, the return home to her roots was something she knew would always do. An avid gardener and lover of all things "green," Marna and her family are focusing on organic eating and embracing the "100 mile zone" way of life. So far they love it!

After many years of struggling with infertility Marna herself become a mother via egg donation. Feeling passionate about infertility with a focus on third party reproduction Marna set out to give back, educate and support women through their own journey with infertility. To date, Marna has aided thousands of women in becoming mothers via egg donation.

In January of 2008 Marna founded her own nonprofit organization, Parents Via Egg Donation, better known as PVED. Marna provides education; support and empowerment where parents-to-be can learn and share information about all facets of the egg donation process.

Marna attended Eastern Oregon University, and Portland State University majoring in Psychology, Business and Social Science. Marna is a writer and a women’s health advocate, is married, has a son and does some of her best thinking and creating atop her John Deere tractor as she mows and cultivates her two acres.


a blog by Marna Gatlin, Parents Via Egg Donation, April 30, 2012

Emily Herx, former Indiana high school teacher of literature was fired from her position at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic High School in Fort Wayne, IN, undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Herx was told her contract would not be renewed because of “improprieties related to church teachings or law.” Herx says the school's priest called her a "grave, immoral sinner" and told her she should have kept mum about her fertility treatments because some things are "better left between the individual and God," the complaint said.

Egg Donation and IVF

a blog by Marna Gatlin, Parents Via Egg Donation, February 20, 2012

Elizabeth Marquardt – I am calling you out. This is from one mother to another:

I read your latest article “Do Mothers Matter,” and I am left with a sort of “What the heck?” head scratching reaction to not only this article, but to you Elizabeth.

You seem to think that if you have a child any way other than “the old fashioned way” (heterosexual sexual relations) that your children are going to reject you, or in some way they are going to suffer. So that means all of us who have had children via in vitro fertilization and egg donation or sperm donation we are in some way harming our children.

You go on to say that in some way if you use an egg donor to create your family, or if you happen to need the services of a gestational carrier, that your child is going to grow up missing his or her “real mother.”

Really, all I could think was: What planet are you from Elizabeth?

payment egg donor.jpg

a blog by Marna Gatlin, Parents Via Egg Donation, September 27, 2011

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I was reading the Huffington Post the other day and read an article written about Rene Almeling PhD, who is an assistant professor of sociology at Yale University. She wrote a book, which I am reading with great interest, titled “Sex Cells.”

In "Sex Cells," which examines the medical marketing of eggs and sperm, she takes an inside look at the way egg donation agencies and sperm banks are conducting business. It’s an incredibly thought-provoking read that talks about gender framing and how gender framing influences the structure of the third party market, and how it affects those who donate sperm and eggs.

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a blog by Marna Gatlin, Parents Via Egg Donation, August 30, 2011

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When my son was 9 I woke up one day anxious about his origins. For the life of me I can’t put my finger on what began those feelings. I can’t recall any specific conversation we might have had. I just chalked it up to being a chronic worrier.

I wasn’t sure how to broach this subject with him. The whole idea of just saying “Hey do you feel weird because you are conceived via egg donation?” left me with a bad taste in my mouth and that much more anxiety. So I stewed, and fretted and stewed some more.