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To Share or Not To Share

a blog by Maya Moskin, March 16, 2015

Whether to share your fertility struggles, and with whom to share them, is an extremely personal decision. I never thought much about it because I’m a sharer by nature and knew I needed to share in order to get the support I needed. But in the beginning, my husband was much more reserved and much less inclined to talk about it. This wasn’t so much because he was embarrassed, but because, well, sometimes it’s a complicated conversation. Because infertility is usually a two person adventure, it’s important to be able to agree on disclosure issues. Over time, as we became aware that our fertility challenge was not a simple fix, Noah and I decided to go very public. I started writing a blog, and together we started documenting our journey on film, in hopes of sharing our story and the story of others in a similar situation.


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