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Tips for Surviving the Two-Week Wait

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A blog by Megan Swanek, October 2, 2014

All of us who are trying to conceive have entered the two week. Whether you are trying naturally, doing IUIs or IVF, the waiting period can be agonizing. Relaxing and staying positive is much easier said than done when time is at a stand-still and the hope of a positive beta test is the only thing on your mind.

I recently went through my second two week wait (2ww) and want to share some things with you that helped me.

A Good Book
My mind wanders when I'm watching TV or on my computer, and I’m still able to be baby-obsessed! But I was totally engrossed in a great non-fiction book about a man who had survived being lost at sea, only to wash up on enemy territory and be held captive as a prisoner of war. It's hard to feel sorry for your waiting period and circumstance while you're reading about the triumph of the human spirit, and someone who has endured much more.

Garner Support
Join in some of the discussion boards over at Fertile Thoughts and “meet” others who are in a similar situation. Reach out to other women who are trying to conceive through similar means (in my case, IVF) before another person who hasn't been through fertility treatment tells you to “just relax” and it will happen. Your friends may have good intentions, but no one knows what you're going through like someone who has traveled down the same road.

Company of Friends
Remember all of those things you have pinned but never found time for? I strategically organized a small crafting party with my closest friends toward the end of the 2ww so that my hands and mind would be kept busy! I knew I could use their support the most at this time. It was so nice to gather together on a quiet Sunday instead of being alone and thinking about my looming test results.

Allow Yourself to Dream
I subscribed to a pregnancy magazine right after we were married! During the 2ww it is fun to dream a little, and start (if you haven’t already!) coming up with names, possible colors and themes for the nursery

Plan for Next Time
Having a game plan for what we would do if it didn't work helped me tremendously. I actually enjoyed talking to my husband about this because it reminded me that this was not the end of us trying if it did not work. We are fully committed.

So just what did happen at the end of my 2ww? My very first big-fat positive! Yes, as I write this I am actually, for the first time in my life, pregnant! And I’m quickly learning that the worry does not end with your positive pregnancy test. It’s only the beginning. In some ways, it’s actually tougher because suddenly, there is a lot more at stake.


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