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Positive Pregnancy After IVF

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A blog by Megan Swanek, December 12, 2014

As I write this update, I am 15 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. We heard her heartbeat for the very first time the day before my Mom died. It is simultaneously the best and worst time of my life, but having this baby is helping balance the void left by losing my very best friend. I take comfort in the fact that this new life growing inside me is 25% my Mom, and I am thankful every day that she was able to hear the news that we were pregnant.

Looking back on our journey through all of the fertility treatments, I have to tell you one thing: it is all worth it. Yes, the costs are high, both financially and emotionally but the reward is so great that I would do it all over again. They joy you feel when you receive that positive is beyond words. When you start to feel discouraged by how much you are spending, keep the price of a car in mind for perspective. My car cost $30,000, about the same price we have paid to be able to know the joy of being expectant parents. But what is worth more? Of course there is no comparison, yet we often don't question the price of our car or agonize over how much it cost because it is a necessity. For me, so was becoming a Mom.

I can also tell you that the worry and fear do not magically disappear once you receive that positive pregnancy test. If you test at home, you then become anxious for the results of the official blood test. If those are positive as well, all of a sudden you worry that the beta numbers will not rise, and it will just be a chemical pregnancy. If you make it to hearing the heartbeat, you will be relieved, but quickly learn that you are not in the clear until the first trimester is over, and will still agonize over the results of the genetic testing.

I imagine the same can be true once our beautiful babies are born, as many parents then go on to worry about school choices, driving, leaving for college, etc. It can consume you, if you let it. Consider all of the trials and tribulations you are currently experiencing through fertility treatments as practice and know that it is making you stronger, and paving the way for the road ahead. When the two-week wait seems impossible to survive, know you will then be in the three-month wait if your test is positive! Any coping strategies and hobbies that you develop will certainly come in to play when you do become a parent. I always knew I would be a Mom. If fertility treatments had continued to fail, we would have adopted. Take comfort in knowing you will find a way – someway, and your journey there be more pleasant.

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