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New Fertility Drug Could Lower Cost

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A blog by Megan Swanek, September 17, 2014, 2014

“The only organization more fascist than the FDA is the IRS.” So says one of the fertility doctors who I saw prior to my egg retrieval and embryo transfer last week. While it is great that the Food and Drug Administration looks out for the safety of what we put into our bodies, just how stringent they are with approval of new drugs comes at a cost. Literally. When there is only one drug on the market for a particular condition, the price can be whatever the company would like to charge, and we are forced to pay that amount.

However, when a new drug gains approval, the competition lowers the cost. And we all know fertility drugs could certainly stand being more cost-effective. That’s why I am so excited to be a part of a clinical trial that is testing out a generic equivalent to Gonal-F called AFOLIA. Women are enrolled in this study across the country, and once approved and on the market, it will lower the overall cost for all women.

This was my second round of IVF and I did not notice any difference with this new drug compared to my last round using the super expensive medication. Since FDA approval is so tough to garner, by the time a drug makes it to a phase III clinical trial, it is already considered very safe.

I had a similar number of eggs retrieved and a similar amount that fertilized and grew normally. Once again, we did not have any left to freeze, so we are “all in” again. We won’t find out if the two embryos we had transferred last week (on day three) have implanted until another agonizing ten days. I have officially entered the dreaded two-week wait.

I think my heart is set on a positive more this time around because it did not work the first time. Our failed attempts have intensified my desire to be pregnant and become a Mom. I also desperately want to be able to share the news with my Mom, who is in the end stages of cancer. There is a whole lot riding on this positive test, and I would be lying if I told you it wasn’t on my mind every second of the day.

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Thanks for sharing. I'm also hoping I can be selected for this clinical trial because my only option now of becoming a mum is IVF and insurance doesn't cover anything.

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