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Because the important moments in life just don't fit in a status update! I'm a 37 year old recovering marathon runner, school counselor and recently converted dog-lover from California. Last year held both the highest and lowest points of my life. I was swept away on a surprise trip to Rome and proposed to in front of the Trevi Fountain, only to be hit a few months later with the sudden news that my Mom had stage IV cancer and needed emergency surgery. Still reeling from this, we planned my dream wedding, and embarked on the journey to fertility and in my case, infertility. I'm dreaming of making my Mom a first-time grandmother and sharing the ups and downs of her cancer treatment over at my blog

Connecting with others on a similar path has brought me strength and joy amidst the emotional roller-coaster that comes with fertility treatment. In the last year, I've tried several months of Clomid, two IUIs and had my first failed IVF cycle. Join me on my journey as I embark on my second IVF cycle while balancing my new marriage, caring for my Mom and my career. I've swiftly learned that while we cannot control what is thrown our way, we can control how we react to any situation under the sun. I strive to see the good in every negative situation and do the best I can with where I'm at and what I have. Who knows where this journey will lead me, but thanks for being along for the ride!.


A blog by Megan Swanek, July 24, 2014

The journey to become pregnant is fraught with emotion and, as you know, can be quite the roller-coaster ride. Today, more so than ever before, many women put their education and career at the forefront of their lives during their prime fertile years, trusting that the rest will fall into place. When we finally meet the elusive “one” and get married, we expect the next step to come easily to us. After all, we have attained everything else we have set out to accomplish in life. But with trying to conceive, unlike grades in graduate school, there are no guarantees that your hard work and careful charting or planning will yield results. Instead, with fertility treatment, you enter a world where even “trying” can be seen as a negative. You’re given advice such as “just relax and it will happen” or told that it will happen “when you least expect it.”


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My partner has had a vasectomy and I have unexplained infertility at 37 years of age. I had 9 eggs collected, 7 fertilised and none were viable to freeze. I had one implanted which failed and was agonising. It's good to know there are others out there going through the same and some hope lingers for me so I'll be trying again. Thanks for your inspirational posts.

My husband & I have out first appointment to hopefully start the process of creating our miracle, any words of wisdom? I want to try to be as positive as possible ? I'm 24 years young and he's 36. Anything I should know before beginning my journey? Anything would help, my email is

Couples considering ART should be cautious of programs that report success rates significantly lower, or even higher, than the national average. Couples should also understand that the difference in clinic specific success rates might be related more to patient selection and aggressiveness of therapy than to program quality. A direct comparison of different clinics by success rates alone may lead to erroneous conclusions. It is imperative that each couple has a frank discussion with their physician so that their individual chances of success can be placed in the framework of an individual clinic’s success.

Be sure and check the success rates for the clinic you choose! We did no tdo this for the 1st clinic that I chose, and I learned my doctor's success rate was extremely low: 17%! I'm with a new doctor now who has a success rate of 50%!


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