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Understanding Your Test Results: Assessing Female Infertility

A blog by Neway Fertility, December 2, 2014

With approximately 10% of couples in the United States affected by infertility, understanding underlying health problems that may contribute to reproductive difficulties is essential. Fertility clinics will help you identify the contributors to fertility, whether it is a problem with one partner or a combination of factors in both partners. With proper diagnosis, treatment plans to maximize chances of fertilization success can be promptly implemented.

Common Causes of Female Infertility

There are numerous causes that may contribute to fertility challenges in women. Ovulation problems, in which the egg is not properly produced or released, decrease the likelihood of successful fertilization. Other common contributors are structural problems with the reproductive system, including blocked fallopian tubes, or diminished quality of eggs.

Female Fertility Test Components

Your fertility doctor may recommend several tests to determine whether your reproductive system is functioning optimally. Possibilities include:

Dealing with fertility issues can be frightening, upsetting, and frustrating. Working with great fertility doctors, makes the process easier. Your doctor can help you understand test results and find the best treatments for your unique reproductive needs.


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