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Why Are Some Women Still Unaware of the Risk of Delaying Pregnancy?

A blog by Rhonda Levy, April 3, 2013

The constant media glorification of celebrity pregnancies really troubles me, especially when the celebrity is in her forties. Newspapers and magazines extol these pregnancies as though they are easy to come by when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. This, together with the terrible job we do as a society to educate men and women about the decline in a woman's fertility with age, is a dangerous combination. The advent of "egg freezing", an option I am wholly in favour of, has the potential to worsen the situation if it causes women to assume that frozen eggs represent the guarantee of a baby. I worry that this amalgam of circumstances lulls women into a false sense of complacency causing them to delay the formation of their families to a point in their lives when it is sometimes too late. And I worry about it a lot, since I have a front row seat to the immeasurable heartache and despair that is a byproduct of this unfortunate state of affairs.


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