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5 Reasons to Consider Embryo Biopsy with Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening in Your IVF Cycle

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A blog by Dr. Art Castlebaum, Reproductive Medicine Associates at Jefferson, October 29, 2015

  1. Knowing the genetics of your embryos dramatically improves IVF outcomes.
  2. As women age through their early thirties into their early forties, there is a significant increase in the percentage of genetically abnormal embryos – resulting in early miscarriage or unsuccessful IVF cycles. Embryo biopsy with Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CCS) allows us to transfer one genetically normal embryo – maximizing pregnancy rates and minimizing miscarriages.

  3. Embryo biopsy gives women in the early 40s the same pregnancy rate as younger women.
  4. Transfer of a single genetically normal embryo results in implantation rates of 65% (the likelihood that that embryo will implant in the uterus and develop into a gestational sac) up to age 42.

  5. Say no to twins.
  6. Transfer only one normal embryo at a time – regardless of maternal age. We know that twins have approximately five times higher rate of cerebral palsy and death in the first year. CCS optimizes singleton pregnancies. There is no need to transfer more than one screened embryo at a time.

  7. Why fill the freezer with genetically abnormal embryos?
  8. CCS allows us to freeze only genetically normal embryos.

  9. Many beautiful looking embryos are genetically abnormal.
  10. Even among women in their mid thirties, I have seen many patients with a low percentage of genetically normal embryos. Several cases where only one out of six embryos or one out of eight embryos were normal come to mind. CCS maximizes your chance of conceiving on your FIRST IVF CYCLE.


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