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How Your Mind Can Improve Your Fertility

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a blog by Russell Davis, May 30, 2014

Your mind and imagination has direct influence over your fertility because the mind and body are one system. The good news about this is that you can utilize this fact to help you not only feel more in control but to improve your chances of success whether through natural conception or with fertility treatment such as IVF.

In 1994, Harvard scientists taught a piano tune to a group of volunteers. They were instructed to practice it for two hours a day, for five days. Another group just imagined playing the tune (‘mental practice’ or ‘visualization’) for the same amount of time.

The brain scans taken over the five days show the changes to the brain in the two groups are almost identical. The brain can't tell the difference between reality and what’s vividly imagined.

Not only was there no difference in the brain’s response, there was a significant effect on their physical performance. After the study, just two hours of physical practice was all that was required for the group that had only imagined playing to reach the same level of physical ability as those that had physically practiced.

So your imagination, thoughts and feelings have a direct influence on your biology. Given the delicate and precise cocktail of hormones required for healthy ovulation, conception, implantation and pregnancy, you can begin to see how your thoughts and emotions can impact this quite dramatically.

How strongly do you believe you can become pregnant? What is the level of your doubt after any number of negative test results? How stressed do you feel? All these things could be having an impact on your fertility.

The good news is that you can learn to positively control your thoughts and your feelings, and it’s possible to let go of negative beliefs and overcome unhelpful feelings such as stress and despair.

Using hypnosis and visualization, you can ensure that your mind and body are in the optimal state for you to become pregnant and the embryo to thrive, whether conceiving naturally or with assistance such as IVF.

Professor Levitas at Soroka Hospital Israel carried out a study that resulted in double the success rates of IVF when using hypnosis to during the Embryo Transfer procedure. There are numerous other studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of mind-body programs to assist fertility treatment success rates.

In a process where so much can seem out of your control it can be very empowering to realize you can influence factors which can have a significant impact on the outcome and that pregnancy test result.

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