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Infertile, You Say?

a blog by Sherika Wynter, April 24, 2014

Exactly what is infertility? According to the Mayo Clinic, infertility is defined as, “not being able to get pregnant despite having frequent, unprotected sex for at least a year for most people and six months in certain circumstances.” But, it is more than that. Those who suffer with infertility can attest to this. Nothing hurts more than realizing you are suffering from infertility. Actually, something does. When a physician tells you, before you even attempt conception, that you are infertile. That has to be worst feeling ever: to be defeated prior to trying.

So often, we as women are forced to live our lives at the hand of medicine. We are told if we have healthy eggs. We are told if our uteri are healthy enough to carry a child. We are told if our cervix will keep close throughout the pregnancy. We are told all of this before we allow nature to take its course. Imagine the mental strain on women.

I’ve been blessed to encounter numerous women who were told they were infertile but beat the odds. They conceived when science said no. They conceived when they stopped trying. They conceived because it was meant to be. In speaking to many of them, I realized one underlying similarity: hope. They all, in their hearts of hearts, never lost hope. Even if it was depleted to 0.001%, it’s still there, at the bottom on their hearts.

As we acknowledge, National Infertility Awareness Week, let’s keep this in mind: science can only prove so much. Yes, we use it as a baseline to govern our health but at the end of the day, the still small voice inside matters too. There is power in the worlds we speak into our lives. There is power in the type of opinions we allow into our minds. Decide, within yourself, when enough is enough. Decide when you have exhausted all options. Decide what is best for you.

Infertility is one of the hardest things for a woman to deal with. If you know anyone who is currently suffering with infertility, please spend time to understand, not only the physical restrictions but also the emotional scars left behind as well. If you suffer from infertility, consider sharing your experience with friends and loved ones. It will be difficult but raising awareness will only help the overall pursuit for communal understanding of infertility and the eradication of the stigmas attached to it.


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