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Let Holistic Fertility Help


a blog by Beth and Tami of Pulling Down the Moon

Hello and welcome to our (Beth and Tami’s) holistic fertility blog!

For those of you who don’t know us, we’re friends, former fertility patients and co-founders of Pulling Down the Moon, Inc. (a.k.a. “The Moon” or “PDtM”). Our Centers serve the patients of the two largest fertility centers in the country, Fertility Centers of Illinois and Shady Grove Fertility, and literally thousands of women have come to us to learn how things like yoga, acupuncture, nutrition and massage can help make them healthier and potentially improve their chances of conception. We’re over the moon (no pun intended) to have the chance to share our expertise in the area of holistic fertility with the readers of Fertility Authority!

To get started, we thought you might want to know a bit more about us before we share your eyeballs on a regular basis. Here are a few important things (we think) to know.

First and foremost, we’re yogis. We’ve been practicing yoga for years and we find we’re still not perfect but we’re feeling better and better every day. Tami is even a yoga swami, (translation: she is ordained in the Kriya yoga lineage and can perform and create rituals and offer spiritual guidance through the philosophy of yoga.). You’ll find our blog peppered with terms and techniques from ancient teachings that we hope will help you view this fertility journey as part of a much larger picture (hence the term holistic!).

Second, we walk an exacting line between proven science and “woo-woo.” Actually, at the Moon, all of our treatments and recommendations are based on the best scientific evidence possible, which is important since we work so closely with doctors. However, there are some things that simply can’t be scientifically seen – like prana (the yoga term for life energy) or the healing power of community . . . things we know are at work in our classes and Centers every single day. So don’t be surprised if one day we start talking about the Fall Equinox or some such. In our opinion it’s all worth chatting about.

Finally, we are interested in your thoughts and stories and hope you’ll share them with us. One of the most wonderful things about the Moon is that we’ve had the benefit of learning from the journeys of thousands of women who have come through our doors. We want to hear from you! Please participate and make this blog a place of community. In yoga (here comes an example of the woo-woo) we call community “sangha” and it’s believed to have a positive, healing effect on its members.

Over the next twelve weeks we are going to explore what we think is a great path to optimal fertility, a D-I-Y approach, if you will. We’ll begin with yoga and range through many topics including acupuncture, nutrition, massage and meditation. You will hear a range of voices here, sometimes Beth and/or Tami, sometimes one of our other fabulous holistic specialists may show us to “guest blog” with us.

For those of you who wish to follow these practices a bit deeper, you can grab our book Fully Fertile, from the local library. Be sure to tune in regularly to catch our “Full Moon Giveaway Days,” where lucky readers will have a chance to win fun prizes from our holistic treasure trove.

Be present, be positive.
Beth and Tami

Comments (3)

I am SOOOO excited to see your new blog on here! Your classes, dvd and Fully Fertile Book have been so helpful to me in my own personal fertility journey. Keep up the great work with the website, the blog, etc.
Christine Anderson

Hi Meghan, Thanks so much for visiting and for the props! I remember the Fitness class and am really glad to hear that you've been finding our programs to be a help. Please stay in touch through FB and FA. In a few days we'll be blogging on how to start a yoga practice. Perhaps you could chime in then with some ways you've encorporated yoga into your life. Be well, Beth

This is wonderful! I found the link through your Facebook page and will be so looking forward to your blogs.

Beth, I met you early this summer at the Exercise for Fertility class at Arlington Heights. The class was wonderful, as so many others have been. My husband and I just took Couples Massage last night and it was great! Taking the Yoga class has changed my life and been a bright light in the darkness of IF.

Thanks again!

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