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Not Just for the Ladies


a blog by Beth and Tami of Pulling Down the Moon

This weekend is yoga date night at Pulling Down the Moon in Chicago. We offer this class once a month as a way to get the guys in kicking and screaming. You know what? They all crab about coming but across the board they leave smiling. Frankly, they need it as much as their partners.

Think you can’t get your honey to join you in starting yoga? I thought for fun I’d share with you a guy’s perspective on yoga for fertility (My husband Matt wrote this a while ago and I thought it was pretty honest):

    Your wife/partner/girlfriend wants you to go to a “partner yoga class” on a Friday night. This conflicts with sitting on the couch and watching a crucial sporting competition on TV. It also sounds a little metrosexual – “partner yoga”? Will there be chanting and meditation? And what about these yoga poses? You aren’t very flexible, but with other men in the room the pressure will be on. Reasons not to go are flying through your head, but your significant other is giving you that look that tells you there’s no way out, so you relent and put your game face on and prepare for this partner yoga stuff.

    Guys, you can relax because I was that man ten years ago and I’m here to tell you that not only did I survive the class, I went on to do yoga classes by myself (without being forced to!) and found them enjoyable and relaxing. I even help teach partner yoga classes at PDtM with my wife Beth, who went on to become a yoga teacher and helped found PDtM as result of our first partner yoga class a decade ago.
    So, as someone who’s been in the position of taking a yoga class as a first time yoga student, here’s my advice to the guys:

      1.) Yoga isn’t competitive but chances are you are. Remember, you may not be very flexible, so be realistic about what you can do in class. The real benefit to class is that you’re doing something with your partner, you are breathing and releasing the stress of a long week, and you will leave class feeling relaxed. Don’t worry about what the other guys are doing – focus on yourself and relax.

      2.) Yoga feels good as long as you listen to your body and respect what it’s telling you. Muscles stretching within their limits feel good. Burning, ripping, and tearing are not good.

      3.) It’s “yoga date night,” so do something after class. You should be relaxed and energized, so go somewhere fun to eat or catch a late movie.

      4.) You’re being supportive and should be scoring some good brownie points so don’t be afraid redeem them at a later date. Going to a game with the boys? Poker night? No problemo! Play the Yoga Date Night card!

      5.) Yoga can be an aphrodisiac due to the relaxation, all that extra blood flow and hip openers. You should be optimistic that Yoga Date Night could result in some romantic action later on in the evening.

    When you spend a Friday night doing yoga you are doing something good for yourself and your partner. You may feel a little uneasy going, but have an open mind and you will quickly find yourself pleasantly surprised. You may even start going to classes on your own and maybe in a decade you’ll be teaching people like your old pre-yoga self. Who knows where the path will lead?

Interesting, no? Men aren’t always good about trying new things or taking time to relax. (Okay, so that was a generalization but it has been my experience). But it takes two to tango in the IF world and the dudes need to relax too!

We dare you to ask your honey to meet you at the local yoga studio next Friday night for that beginner hatha class. If he freaks, feel free to send him Matt’s encouraging words…and let us know how it goes.

Be Present, Be Positive,

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