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MAM for Fertility


a blog by Beth and Tami of Pulling Down the Moon

Have you ever heard about MAM on a TTC blog and wondered what the heck it was? Mayan abdominal massage is a non-invasive, external massage technique used to guide and reposition the internal abdominal organs for optimal health and well-being.

It is believed in the Mayan tradition that the uterus represents the center, and if it’s out of balance, so are the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a woman. These might manifest as menstrual irregularities, fibroids, endometriosis, polyps, headaches, depression, bladder infections, painful intercourse, irregular bowel movements and infertility.

During a MAM session, the practitioner will ask the patient to complete a very extensive intake and patient history form. Based on this information and a discussion with the patient, the practitioner begins to perform the therapy that runs 1-2 hours. Upon completion, the patient will be given “self-help tips” so they can continue the therapy at home to increase the efficacy of the session. Depending upon the imbalance, the practitioner might also recommend herbal remedies, castor oil packs and/or lifestyle and nutritional adjustments.

The therapy is relaxing and done on a massage table while fully clothed.

Be present, be positive, be open,
Tami Quinn

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