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The Challenges of Infertility are a Threshold


a blog by beth and tami of Pulling Down the Moon

Last week on the NPR show “Speaking of Faith,” I heard a wonderful Irish clergyman/poet speaking about the word “threshold.” The term, he explained, originates from the word thresh, which means to separate the wheat from the chaff, or the essential from the unessential.

When we cross a threshold, we move into the really important work – the work that jolts us out of old patterns and beliefs.

For many women, the challenges of infertility are a threshold.

When it proves difficult to move forward according to “plan,” it becomes necessary to make changes, investigate what is most important and where we truly wish our lives to go. Old patterns just don't work anymore and a radical shift must happen.

The priest equated thresholds with beauty and becoming. Many of the CAM techniques we use are tools that help us navigate and cross thresholds with grace. At their core, healing techniques like yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and reiki are about finding the balance to step through thresholds with confidence.

Has your fertility journey invited you to cross a threshold? If so, where did it lead? Share your story with us!

Be present, be positive . . . cross the threshold.


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