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Full Fat Milk for Fertility?


a blog by Beth and Tami of Pulling Down the Moon

According to data from the NURSES Study II, the consumption of one serving of full-fat dairy per day was associated with a protective effect against ovulatory infertility (OI) while the consumption of skim milk was associated with higher risk of OI. Prior to this finding, many fertility diets (including the one we use) actuallly recommend limiting dairy due to the levels of endogenous and added hormones found in dairy.

When the findings were published, both the researchers and nutritionists were left with a puzzle: Why would full fat milk be better for fertility than skim milk?

Recently we stumbled across an interesting finding in the field of acne, of all things. It turns out that a similar association is found between skim milk consumption and acne. The researchers, who found that teens consuming skim dairy products had the worst incidence of break-outs, hypothesize that skim milk may contain higher levels of IGF-1, a growth factor that peaks in the human body during adolescence and sexual development.

True, these are somewhat disparate dots, but there is enough there to make us hope that researchers will take this issue seriously and examine whether milk consumption is contributing to reproductive disorders and hormonally-related conditions like acne.

Be present, be positive, be aware of your diet!


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