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Fall Fertility Mantra


a blog by Beth and Tami of Pulling Down the Moon

Fall is upon us and, as always, there are a million things that need doing and planning and I’m feeling torn between the desire to “charge ahead” and the need to “recharge my batteries.” Quickly, I am reminded of a mantra learned at one of my yoga training intensives: Prati Paksha Bhavana.

It’s a Sanskrit term that means “cultivate the opposite” or “step aside and come back to it later.” Put aside the idea that everything needs to be done now, step back, gain new perspective and return to it later. Yogis believed that by doing this, you would find greater balance and clarity of mind. So if you are feeling a bit stressed from your “To Do” list, cultivate the opposite and “do nothing” for a while to reach a point of balance.

Prati Paksha Bhavana can be a powerful mantra when used for the fertility journey.

Many of us struggle with treatment, disappointment and isolation yet we still feel compelled to “forge ahead” despite the deep knowing that we’ve had enough for now. If you are at this point in your fertility journey, think about stepping back, gaining new perspective and returning to the work at a later point.

When I was experiencing my own infertility and had just finished several rounds of clomid, an IUI, and a miscarriage, my doctor encouraged me to move ahead with injectible medications, but I decided, instead, to take a month off of treatment and “whoop it up.”

I still went to the office everyday and fulfilled my obligations, but my husband and I took a weekend trip to New York, spent evenings eating out and antiquing, and then I went to Las Vegas with two of my very best girlfriends. (If you ever feel like rebelling against your fertility treatment, take a trip to Sin City!)

By stepping back from the work of the fertility journey and spending one great month focusing on frivolous enjoyment, I seemed to gain new prospective.

I had forgotten how much fun life could be, even without the baby.

I returned to Chicago excited about starting my treatment and refreshed with a new sense that life could be okay if I stepped on and off the fertility treadmill. So, here I am again 14 years later, with 12-year-old twins and a host of new stressors (they never really go away, do they?), but I’m remembering this story and its lessons.

Prati Paksha Bhavana. Yes, I’ll step back again this fall. Maybe I won’t jet off to New York or Vegas, but I’ll find time to make those pumpkin cookies, pick some apples, and sip cocoa by a warm fire. Finding time for the things I love will only help give me greater perspective and new energy for the challenges ahead.

I hope you will think about doing the same.

Be peaceful, be positive, say “Prati Paksha Bhavana,”

Tami Quinn

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