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Holistic Swine Flu Boosters

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a blog by Beth and Tami of Pulling Down the Moon

Media and health officials have offered repeated advice for avoiding H1N1 this flu season. Simple precautions such as frequent hand washing, covering your cough, staying home if you’re sick, and getting the flu vaccine top the list.

Health officials recommend that pregnant women be among the first to receive the swine flu vaccine, yet some women are concerned about the “unknowns” of the shot and its long-term effects on both mom and baby. Similarly, chat boards are filled with women asking questions about whether or not they should vaccinate themselves against H1N1 during this important time of trying to conceive.

We believe a woman should follow the advice given to her by her health care provider, but we also believe there are simple holistic treatments that can be practiced to help ward off illness and be beneficial in boosting immunity.

First, it’s important to remember that the flu bug enters our system via two pathways, our mouths and/or our nostrils. Invest in a neti pot (a “nose bidet” as Oprah calls it), keep it in your shower and use a solution of warm water and non-iodized salt to perform a daily nasal wash. While this ancient yogic practice may seem intimidating to the “newbie,” it’s a safe practice which I assure you feels nothing like getting water up your nose at the neighborhood pool . If the neti pot feels beyond your comfort zone, saline solution nasal sprays are available at your local drugstore or simply swab your nose with warm, salt water and a Q-tip. In addition to washing away some of those germs, nasal washes are often helpful in clearing allergens or even symptoms of the common cold and sinus infections.

A second immunity boosting holistic treatment is taking a few extra minutes each day to gargle. Dilute a germ fighting mouthwash with a bit of water or simply use warm salt water to rinse your teeth, gums and throat of excess germs. Salt tends to draw water out of bacterial cells. Since all cells are over 70% water and require water to function effectively and hence survive, if the salt water is concentrated enough, it will kill most germs in the mouth and some from the throat.

Talk to your holistic practitioner about treatments that can help boost your immunity such as acupuncture and/or herbal therapies. While taking herbs is not recommended during a medicated fertility cycle, herbs can be used “off cycle” or when going the natural route. A good Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner can look for imbalances in the body to determine which organs or systems might need additional support or benefit from a course of acupuncture or herbs. In fact, many doctors in China are now recommending herbs in conjunction with Western medical treatment in the prevention and recovery from Swine Flu.

Finally, remember to drink plenty of water. Water helps our kidneys flush out toxins from our body such as urea and lactic acid. These are the toxins that make us feel sluggish and unwell and can put a harmful burden on the other systems in the body that regulate cell health, digestion and metabolism.

So while “to vaccinate or not to vaccinate” is best left as a conversation between you and your doctor, remember these few holistic tips that are safe, low cost, easy to practice and naturally good for you this flu season.

Be peaceful, be positive, be an immunity booster,

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Comments (2)

Beth and Tammi,

Thanks for these simple, inexpensive and effective tips! Sometimes we overlook the simple solutions in favor of the higher-tech.

I'm off to gargle and drink water. Guess borrowing my husband's neti pot would defeat the purpose?

Great blog!

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