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Changing Your Game Plan

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a blog by Beth and Tami of Pulling Down the Moon

Many women going through infertility tell us that they can do yoga but they just can’t meditate. Others tell us they have tried, but they feel like they’re doing it wrong. The moment they close their eyes, the crazy activity of the brain takes over and they feel anxious or impatient.

Perhaps the problem is that we’re expecting both too much and too little from

2. In your mind, state your intention in the present (active) voice: I am creating family, I am creating peace, I am creating prosperity . . . whatever you choose. As you send this intention into the universe, allow a sense of excitement, happiness and anticipation to arise - as if there's a gift in the mail on the way to you that contains something you dearly want, but you don't know when/where/how it's going to arrive. Even if you don't currently feel this way about your circumstances, try anyway. By repeatedly evoking this feeling of joy you will find yourself becoming more joyful.

3. Listen. Sit quietly. And breathe. If your mind wanders, simply return to your breath and restate your intention if necessary.

So here’s the most important point. We don't meditate to get something, so the idea isn't to sit and chant our intention during this meditation. We affirm our intention, but then we simply listen -- rather than obsess, plan, worry etc.

Much of our pain, disappointment and anger arises from the fact that our "Plan A" isn't working. When we meditate we try not to hold so tightly to “Plan A” and see what else arises . . . perhaps “Plan ?”

Certainly all the stress and worried thoughts will arise, but that's an opportunity to remind ourselves that we're NOT our thoughts and that are ARE happy, healthy, holy.

Be Present. Be Positive,

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