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4 Things to Do Today to Change Your Circumstances

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a blog by Beth Heller and Tami Quinn, Pulling Down the Moon, June 4, 2010

Is anyone else struggling with this oil spill?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve woken each morning to news of the ecological disaster on the Gulf Coast. It feels particularly close to home since I’m an ex-Alabamian who spent many childhood summer vacations on the pristine sugar-sand beaches of the “Redneck Riviera.” Old friends own and operate the shrimp boats now called in for damage control. On top of this, I’m deeply immersed in writing a new book that focuses on how the physical and mental environment in which we live may be contributing to our infertility. Taken together, it’s a pretty dismal soup and an overwhelming one at that!

Like most people, I feel much better when I feel I am taking concrete steps to make a difference in whatever is troubling me.

In my writing, I have turned my focus to our innate human ability to heal and transform ourselves and our surroundings. Diet, lifestyle, meditation, attitude are all tools we have at our disposal to combat toxic load and create vibrant health. I’m also a yogi, so I of course I also turn to yoga for help.

I’m very lucky, too, that my business partner Tami is a swami in the Kriya Yoga tradition. Kriya yoga is the “yoga of action” and teaches that we can use yoga to create, sustain and change circumstances for the better. When faced with challenges, especially those that feel beyond our control like infertility (or an oil spill), kriya yoga teaches that simple practices done with loving intention can literally heal us while healing the world.

Here are the practices Tami recommended to me when I shared my environmental angst:

Concrete Steps for Action

  • This week, take one item that you are about to throw out and stop before you pitch it. Use that item three more times in three different ways before properly disposing of it in the ecologically correct way (recycle if it’s recyclable, etc.). Through this act you are extending the life of this object, adding to the life energy of the world.
  • Use your own locomotion. Use “self-power” (bike, walk, rollerblade) for three trips where you would otherwise use fossil-fuel –powered vehicles.
  • Align your spending with your values. Support a local farmer by shopping at a local market, buy earth-friendly cleaning products or rent a hybrid vehicle when you book your next rental car. Money is one form of life-energy in our society (along with love, compassion and nature) and sending that life-energy to sustainable and responsible producers is one way to re-energize our world.
  • Don’t hide. Read the papers, sign the petitions and get involved. If you can’t make it to the Gulf, put your loving intention into a clean-up project in your town.

No action is too small to make a difference. Don’t let the immensity of a problem become your excuse for inaction.

Light one candle at a time . . . your own. Through these simple “kriyas,” we can heal ourselves and our world.

Do you have any to add? How are you coping with the spill?

Be present, be positive . . . . be a protector of our mother, the Earth.


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