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Karma and Infertility

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a blog by Tami Quinn, Pulling Down the Moon, September 9, 2010

When you feel ready to have a baby and the universe just isn’t cooperating, it’s easy to start asking those existential questions like, “why me?” Over the years at Pulling Down the Moon, more than a few women have asked us if infertility is some sort of punishment for past behavior or an attempt by God, the Universe or some Cosmic Force to teach us a lesson or get even. Many question why this apparent bad karma exists in their life and wonder how they can get rid of it.

While the topic of karma could easily take up many chapters or even a whole book, the brief discussion in this blog should give you a Cliff’s note version, at least from a yogi’s perspective.

What Is Karma?

First, and most importantly, it’s important to understand what karma is and what it is not. Karma is the law of causation. In essence, what you sow is what you reap. It is not an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. For example, if you steal $100 from someone, karma does not mean that $100 will be stolen from you. Going back to the law of causation, karma, similar to the law of physics, basically says that for every action there is a reaction. The intensity or emotional response to the action is what causes karma to fire. Going back to our earlier example, if the $100 you stole creates hardship, pain and suffering for the victim and guilt for you, then all of that mental energy (which can be positive or negative, by the way) puts the karmic wheel in motion. The same karmic wheel is set in motion when you do something good and feel love and joy as a result.

So, to the yogi, karma is neither good nor bad. It is merely the result of our actions and subsequent emotional energy. Karma is the universe’s way of keeping our world in complete balance. An action is countered by a reaction until the karmic fire is neutralized. The quickest way, then, to neutralize karma is by having a neutral emotional reaction. If someone hurts you, send them love and blessings. Boom! You’ve just helped neutralize that piece of karma. If you call that same person names and spread nasty rumors about them, you’ve set off a whole new chain of karmic events.

Types of Karma

The yogi believes there are three types of karma that manifest throughout the course of our lives. We say lives because most yogis think the soul is reincarnated over and over until all karma is neutralized, and the spirit is liberated from earthly form or enlightened to co-exist with God.

  • San Chita Karma: This is the sum total of all the karma you have ever created since the beginning of time. Think of it as a giant vat of karma that we wear on our backs. San Chita is the Sanskrit word that means “with mind-stuff.” This is an interesting term when you consider that a lot of karma happens through our thought process and not just our actions.
  • Pralabdha Karma: This karma is that which will fructify or become ripe in this very lifetime. Think of this as pouring yourself a 1 liter bottle of karma from your storage tank. You hold it in front of you and are only going to concentrate on this jug during this lifetime. It’s filled with all types of mixed karma from the vat of your past. Interestingly, you have no choice as to what karma will fill your bottle; you just get what you get from the vat on your back.
  • Kriya Mana Karma: This is all the karma that you will create in this lifetime. Think of it as a cup. You put part of the cup in your 1 liter bottle for this lifetime, and part of it goes in the giant vat. The cup probably has very little effect on the big vat because it gets so diluted based on the sheer volume inside. The cup, however, can have tremendous effect on the bottle in front of you. So, the more good karma you create in this lifetime, the cleaner your 1 liter bottle will be.

What It All Means

Not all karma that could occur in this life has to manifest. The stronger, more intense patterns will manifest as opposed to the weaker.

For instance, karma is affected by attitude. If you say “I’m bad, I deserve it, or I’ll never have a child,” you may actually be drawing out the negative karma. It is best to draw on the positive attitudes rather than the negative.

Remember, karma is not fatalistic. If you are experiencing infertility in this lifetime, it means your cup of karma in this lifetime includes challenges with conception. There are things you can do to help neutralize it, but remember part of your good action will go into the cup and part into your vat. So, in the end, creating good karma always helps, but by and large whether or how you will become a parent in this lifetime was likely written by the universe long ago. As a result, you should feel free to get rid of any guilt you’ve been carrying around with regard to your fertility.

By neutralizing bad karma and creating good karma, you can affect your chances but only as far as your 1 liter bottle will allow. Most importantly, remember that each of us has a certain amount of free will. This is the cup of karma that we create every day. If we had no space left in our bottle for new karma, we would have no free will because the karma would constrict and dictate our every action.

Ways to Neutralize Difficult Karma

As we mentioned, it is possible to help neutralize most pieces of karma that will fire. The first step is preparedness. Many yogis subscribe to the idea that mystic sciences such as astrology, numerology, palmistry and dream analysis can all be used as symbolic ways for us to see our karma before it manifests. Then, when it comes, we feel fully prepared to douse the karmic fire. Ways to help neutralize karma include the following:

  • Meditation
  • Prayer or sacred mantra
  • Send love and blessings to your friends and your enemies
  • Serve another without expecting anything in return
  • Stop being so emotional
  • Change your attitude to draw in more positive energy
  • Look in the mirror, note your own imperfections; love and forgive yourself anyway.

As a disclaimer we should note that just because you create good karma with the intention of having a baby, the Universe doesn’t look at it that way. It may put your good karma toward keeping you healthy or getting you that promotion you’ve always wanted. In other words, you can’t dictate where you want the karma to go, but trust that the Universe has your back and surrender to it. That might be the single most important thing you can do to earn good karma!

Sending you love and blessings,
Tami Quinn, Pulling Down the Moon

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