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Get Started on Your Fertility Diet!

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by Cindy Bailey, Jan. 28, 2010

It should be no secret by now that diet has a huge impact on fertility. How you eat affects your general health, so it makes sense that it affects your reproductive health too.

When eating for fertility, the goal is to increase the availability of nutrients that support your reproduction, as well as your overall health. You’ll also want to eat to support your hormonal health – because those finely tuned balance of hormones is so important to fertility and conception. Processed sugar for example negatively affects blood sugar and insulin levels and leads to hormonal imbalance, so that’s one of the foods you’ll want to eliminate from your diet while trying to conceive.

In general, the idea is to get rid of the “bad” foods, which can overly tax or stress your body — foods (or substances) such as alcohol, caffeine, trans fat and processed sugar — and keep or add in the “good” foods —foods such as beans, nuts, seeds, lean protein, a variety of vegetables and so on.

As it turns out, eating for fertility is just plain good eating for your general health too. I’ve been asked a lot lately about the three top dietary changes you can make to enhance fertility. Now, I believe it’s more important to get rid of the “bad,” so my answer is:

    1. Eliminate alcohol! To the body it’s a toxin. It can disrupt the absorption of nutrients, weaken your immune system and raise prolactin levels, which inhibits ovulation.

    2. Cut out caffeine. It negatively affects fertility and increases chance of miscarriage.

    3. Get rid of processed sugar. As mentioned earlier, it has a negative impact on fertility (as well as general health), and can also compromise our immune systems. Watch labels, though. Sugar gets added to many products and goes by many names, including cane sugar, brown sugar, and high fructose corn syrup, to name a few.

Eliminating these three from your diet gives you a great head start!

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good article, but pretty funny that the header picture is of sweetroll and coffee.... (and darn, they sure do look yummy...)

I like to think it's herbal tea!!! :)

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