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Fertility Eating on Vacation


by Cindy Bailey of the Fertile Kitchen®, June 18, 2010

It’s almost July which means vacation time for many. How do you stick to a fertility diet when you're away from home? Here are some suggestions.

A "fertility diet" is a way of eating to support your reproductive and hormonal health that will optimize fertility. In general, this means eating an all-organic diet that includes plenty of vegetables, fruits, beans, lean protein, good carbs and healthy fats (found in nuts and seeds, seafood and vegetable oils), and avoiding or eliminating alcohol, caffeine, processed sugar, trans fats, overly processed foods, wheat and dairy.

Here are eight suggestions:

    1. Give yourself and your body time to adjust to a strict fertility diet before traveling to foreign locales.
    Once you've built that "base," your body is better equipped to "absorb" your being less strict for a short period of time. Also, you will have built some healthy eating habits that will carry over. Two or three months of advanced fertility diet "training" are optimal.

    2. Remember that it's the overall healthy effect of your fertility diet that's important.
    Don't worry if you're not able to be as strict for a short period of time (say a week or two). As long as you've been following the diet for a while and you make the healthiest choices you can, your body will be in good, overall shape. You might be feeling the need to take a little vacation from the usual, regimented diet anyway! And if it helps you keep going, that's a good thing.

    3. Make it easy on yourself!
    Choose to travel (or eat out) someplace where healthy foods are more available.

    4. Do the best you can with what you have!
    If you go out to a restaurant, make it one that serves salads or vegetables. Even if these items are not organic, you'll still get the nutritional value, and they're a whole lot healthier than eating cream- and wheat- filled pasta.

    5. Be Meat-Aware
    Don't order meat dishes unless you know for sure the meat has been naturally raised and not treated with growth hormones or antibiotics.

    6. Seafood is great!
    Order smaller fish over large, and eat none of it raw. Also, don't eat it every day due to mercury levels.

    7. Watch wheat products
    It can be hard to find non-wheat breads or crackers in some places. Again, just do the best you can. If you must eat wheat, at least make sure the bread and cracker products are minimally processed and don't have forbidden ingredients, like trans fat or processed sugar.

    8. Some countries have their own form of "organic."
    In Switzerland where my husband is from, for example, food labeled "bio" counts more or less as organic. Ask the grocer about whether they carry pesticide- and chemical-free foods, and what they're called.

Remember, wait until you’ve been on the fertility diet a couple of months before vacationing, and while vacationing, just do the best you can. The most important factor in fertility is your stress level. Vacations typically allow you to rest and decrease stress levels, which is a gain in fertility.

You can read more of my blogs about eating for fertility here.

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Thank you, this is a really informative article! We're going on vacation soon and I've been looking for tips on conceiving, and this list helps me answer some questions I had.

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