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One Simple Holiday Survival Tip that Could Change Your Life

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a blog by Joanne Verkuilen, Founder, Circle+Bloom, November 29, 2010

Navigating the landmines throughout the holiday season can be tricky for those who are in the throws of trying to conceive. And there are a lot of good articles and advice out there to help you through it.

What I would like to talk about is the power of gratitude.

An Express Route to Feeling More Relaxed

Studies of the brain, using high resonance imaging devices, show that our brain literally changes when we feel happy, at peace and relaxed. And I fully contend — speaking from experience — that the express route to those feelings is through the simple act of expressing gratitude.

Please don't roll your eyes just yet. I know when we are trying month after month to conceive, it's impossible to feel normal. Never mind feeling thankful. I've been there and have walked in these same exact shoes.

But, this is something simple that you can at least give a try. A daily expression of gratitude — or an expression when the feeling arises — is a powerful way to change your inner landscape. It provides a shift in perspective that could lead you to feeling more in control, less stress and possibly peaceful and content during this difficult period.

Gratitude is the ultimate gift you can give yourself. It has such a positive energy and quality. When you are truly thankful, it can bring about peace, joy and happiness — starting immediately.

Gratitude for the Little Things

When I feel grateful, not only do I feel an immediate sense of calm, but it brings about more feelings of gratitude and then more feelings of calm. It's the exact opposite of the downward spiral of negativity.

And it can be for the simple things. We have been on a tight monetary budget lately, and I find that things that we might need for various situations in our life just, to my amazement, simply appear. And I say a small gratitude prayer to myself, something like: "There is such abundance that whatever we need appears ... thank you." Or if there is a ray of sunshine that hits my face: "The warmth of the sun feels so good."

When I feel grateful, I find that the quality of my life is richer and more peaceful than ever before.

Try it. Take out a sheet of paper, or start a Word document right now on your computer. Make a list of 25 things you are grateful for now. Or, when you wake up in the morning, try to remember your first thoughts of the day to be thanking God — or the universe or your higher power — for the day ahead.

Gratitude for simply being alive.

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