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Featured Blog: The Fertility Advocate

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Each week we'll be highlight the blogs you love! Our first blog in the series received many nominations all of which spoke about author Pamela Madsen's "fearlessness" in her work to support men and women who are struggling with fertility challenges. We are proud to feature Pam's fantastic blog, The Fertility Advocate as our first Favorite Blog!

The Fertility Advocate
Author: Pamela Madsen

What got you started blogging?

The desire to share with the world what I know - and contine to be of service to a community that has always meant so much to me.

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?

To be the place to come when you want the uncensored truth about the world of reproductive medicine and human sexuality. What I love about my role in the community is that people know me - and what they know is to expect the unexpected. I have lead RESOLVE NYC and Founded The American Fertility Association as well as served as their first executive director. With those roles finally behind me, am now in the place of being about to speak my mind about it all - just the way I see it - from fertility to sexuality. I no longer have to worry about sponsors, or board of directors. I can finally speak completely freely and honestly. I want people who come and visit my blog to get the real deal. Not a marketing job for this or not - folded into education.

How do you handle your privacy around your blog?

Privacy around my blog? I gave up on the idea of privacy after my first IUI insemination when a group of medical students were invited in to watch! "Mrs Madsen, you don't mind do you if we invite the entire medical school to watch me inseminate you -do you?"

How do you get around getting blogger’s block?

I write every morning. It is a pratice for me the way other people meditate or do yoga. So a big part of getting around writers block for me is to just show up at my desk every morning at 5am with my coffee. Checking in on other bloggers, websites, the news, and Facebooks can also provide divine inspiration!

What’s your favorite post that you’ve written and why?

I love it when I talk about things that no one else is touching upon like my recent blog on Eating Disorders, Body Hatred, Infertility, and The Impact of Touch at or Is It Time To Reform Reproductive Medicine Practices In The United States? I think it is so important for there to be a patient voice out there talking about all of these issues that make so many of us squirm.

Have you ever had commenters that were unkind or hurtful? How do you handle it?

People don't always agree with me or even like me. I know that is surprising - but unfortunately it is true. I think you learn early that if you are going to put yourself out there that there will always be people who get their pleasure out of shooting you down. My advice is pull on your big white panties and march on!

Thanks Pamela for your terrific blog and for some great advice!

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Comments (1)

Terrific idea. You've made an excellent first choice! Pamela's frank, unabashed perspective offers a breath of fresh air on a complex topic that is too often whispered about.

Pamela Tsigdinos
Silent Sorority

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