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Music for Hard Times


I don't know if you caught today's Daily Shot (if you're not a subscriber, you should be! Great stuff in your inbox -- no spam! -- every day!) but it really hit close to home for me:

Everyone has them. Those songs you can't get halfway through without your eyes welling up with tears. ... Next time your "cry" song starts to play (and you're alone), don't turn it off or flip the channel in order to avoid the tears. Pump up the volume and sing your heart out. Cry if you need to cry.

What great advice! Giving yourself space to cry is a terrific way to cope when you're struggling with infertility. So often we're fighting back tears and we need a safe time to let go and let those tears flow. Did you know crying releases endorphins that make you feel better? It's true!

And do you remember this video from Free to Be You and Me? It is all right to cry! Crying does take the sad out of you!

I decided that I want to make a community mix tape via I'm going to solicit songs from all of you via our twitter (are you following yet?), facebook (are you a fan yet?) and comments here. So let me know -- what's your best crying song? Together we'll make a tape truly tear-worthy.

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Whenever "Lean on Me" starts playing on my Glee soundtrack, I instantly tear up. It's one of those songs that always makes me a good way.

Adding it to my list!
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