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What About the Kids in Haiti?


Last week I asked what you thought of J-Lo's comments about IVF. People had some thoughts in the comments to our entry and on blogs.

Pregnant Yuppy (love those striped stockings!) was ahead of us talking about Celebrities and Infertility:

Perhaps if more celebrities were open about their own fertility struggles then it would be easier for people like me to be open as well. ... Knowing that Nicole Kidman had suffered a miscarriage kind of made me see her in a different light. Sure she's an actress, but now she was more of a person to me. She was real.

And over at The Fertility Advocate Pamela Madsen addressed the topic in a post titled In The Land of The Trying To Conceive - Jennifer Lopez Strikes a Nerve:

Many patients who ... feel shame in their community because their Church perceives their treatment as a sin, or have to deal with family or friends who feel that they are being punished by God or are simply not meant to be parents - received Jennifer Lopez’s comments as yet another public blow and shaming by a celebrity.

Head over and read both entries in their entirety and then let the authors know what you think!

Now for today's Tell It Like It Is Tuesday prompt!

The tragedy in Haiti has grabbed our attention especially the plight of orphans who have been adopted internationally but haven't been able to leave the country due to the long, slow Haitian adoption process. Here's one bloggers story of advocating for her son in Haiti: Rage Against the Minivan. You can also watch a video about this aspect of the crisis here.

Waiting adoptive parents naturally want the process sped up. Haitian adoptions can take more than two years and so children whose adoptions are all but finalized are trapped in limbo.

What do you think? Should adoptions be expedited or should agencies wait until the bureaucracy catches up to the crisis?

You can grab our Tell It Like It Is Tuesday button and link it to our archives so folks know you're playing along.

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Haiti had an active, if somewhat unpredictable international adoption process, before the earthquake struck last week. The approximately 50,000 Haitian orphans (pre- earthquake) are found in about 177 governmental orphanages and 200+ orphanages run by non governmental organizations. Most of these children had no hopes for adoption, but a lucky few were in the process of being adopted by families in the US (about 800-900 cases) or families in France and the Netherlands (about 1500). What will happen to the Haiti adoption cases that were already in process when the earthquake struck? There has been talk both in the media (Washington Post , CNN and Associated Press, to link just a few) and the US State Department of trying to expedite these adoptions so these children that were already matched and referred to a US family could be brought home faster.
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