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Whip It Giveaway


Sometimes you need to do something fun to take your mind off your TTC worries. And what could be better than a girl-power, friendship-celebrating, feel good movie? Because we know that everyone needs a great popcorn chick-flick, we're giving away a DVD copy of Whip It, the rocking roller derby comedy from Drew Barrymore starring Ellen Page.

Because it's a movie that's all about finding yourself through friendships with other terrific women, this contest is about connections. There are five ways to enter and you can enter five times!:

  • Comment here telling us what's your favorite Drew Barrymore movie. That's the first way to enter.
  • Post an intro to one of our Groups. That's a second entry.
  • Post to our Facebook page wall giving a shout out to your best friend in elementary school (her first name is fine!). That's a third entry.
  • Twitter this contest inviting your friends to join, too. That's a fourth entry.
  • Post to your blog telling your readers why their friendship matters and link back to this contest. That's a fifth entry.

To help us keep track of your entries, come back here and let us know when you've entered via Facebook, Twitter or your blog. We'll use the power of the randomizer to find our winner and announce it on Tuesday, January 26th -- that means you can enter until midnight January 25th EST -- when the DVD hits stores. The winner will need to supply us with her name and address so we can get the movie to her.

We're going to have more giveaways coming up. To keep track of them, be sure to bookmark our Giveaways page and stay tuned to this blog. Good luck!

This giveaway is open to anyone in the US and Canada who is not a member of the FertilityAuthority team!

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Comments (67)

Ok, whip it is my favorite drew barrymore movie. Cause it's awesome. A close second for sheer WTF factor is probably Charlie's Angels.

I love 50 First Dates!! What a great film! I wish my husband put that much care and thought into our daily life. It is a sweet movie!

My favourite Drew Barrymore movie would have to be '50 first dates' it was totally endearing and I think she did a great job.

My favorite Drew movie is a toss-up between Ever After and Never Been Kissed! Both are classic Drew movies :) and I love both of them.

my favorite drew barrymore movie is never been kissed. so cuuute! thanks for hosting this giveaway!

My favorites are Ever After and Charlie's Angels. I don't think I could pick between those two! Great films!

writeme at heidimail dot com

I love Boys on the side and 50 first dates- both are faves.
But everything Drew is in is great- she's so sweet.

I have to admit, I was surprised how good Wedding Singer was back when it came out... and still is :)

rmaslow a@t yahoo d.ot com

Ever After has to be my fav Drew Barrymore movie... maybe because there is that little part of me that wants to be in a fairy tale like that! (And I love when she is dressed up to go to the costume party!)

I tweeted!

Ever After! What a great movie.

And I loved Whip It too. And I loove roller derby. I hope the randomizer picks me!

rkjfarmer at gmail dot com

I know this goes way back, but I used to watch Babes in Toyland everyday! It used to be my all time favorite.. in the 80's! Of course her new stuff is great too, like He's Just Not That Into You.

Thanks for the giveaway.

TOTALLY forgot about that movie! This comment tree is quickly becoming my Netflix list!
Love Drew!!
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Hi! I have two favorite movies with Drew Barrymore in it...Never Been Kissed and Ever After!

Great giveaway! :) Would love to see this movie!!!!

My favorite would be "Wedding Singer" with Adam Sandler. I'm not usually an Adam Sandler fan but I thought the two of them were really cute together in this one. I would love to see "Whip It" as I have friends into roller derby and they keep threatening to drag me to one!


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