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Featured Fertility Blog: Dreams and False Alarms


We love Sarah because she is whip smart and funny without being maudlin. Dealing with several fertility issues, she's now looking to donor egg. Her thoughtful and always honest discussion of her experiences and the decisions that led to each step in treatment make this an incredibly useful blog for anyone going through a similar thought process around what to do next. Thank you Sarah for your great work!!

Dreams and False Alarms
Author: Sarah

What got you started blogging?

I got started blogging because I wanted a place to tell my story, and to connect to other women dealing with infertility. The amount of time an infertile woman spends thinking about, talking about and obsessing about her cycles, her fears, her pain and her anger is WAY more than any non infertile can tolerate! I needed to be with my people!

What has been the most surprising thing about having a blog?

The most surprising thing about having a blog has been that I forget that some of my best friends are people I have never, and may never meet.

Can you tell us the story behind your blog’s name?

The story behind the name of my blog is that is a line from Amelia by Joni Mitchell. I'm not sure why it spoke to me, or if what she was saying in the song meshes with what the title means: Here I am with my dreams, and so much of infertility is about false alarms; running from diagnosis to diagnosis, plan to plan, and 2ww to 2ww.

How do you get around getting blogger’s block?

I don't worry about bloggers block. I write when I'm moved to write, and if I'm not, I honor that too.

How do you handle your privacy around your blog?

I handle privacy by only using my first name, and if I get to know someone I might let them know my full name.

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